Easy DIY Halloween Costume for Glasses Wearers

I’m not going to sugar coat it, Halloween has always been a time where I’ve felt especially insecure about my glasses. How many things can you dress up as without your glasses looking out of place?
I’ve never let this stop me from dressing up as whatever I wanted for Halloween, but that annoying, nagging feeling of “this would be so much better if I didn’t have to wear glasses” never really left my brain.

Ever since I started doing social media and blogging as a hobby, I have slowly started embracing my glasses more and more. I can say that looking back on where my mindset was regarding glasses from last halloween to now, it has completely changed for the better. That is why this year I made a effort to come up with a costume that embraced glasses.

Creating a cat woman halloween costume is not the most typical glasses character, but this is exactly why I like it. Instead of being a generic “nerd”, “school girl” or “sexy librarian”, cat woman is a unexpected twist.


She  doesn’t wear glasses, but she does wear a mask around her eyes and that’s close enough for me.

For this costume all you’ll need are the following:

Black Heels/Boots
Black Cat Ears
Black Turtleneck
Black Leggings
Black Fingerless Gloves
Fake Gun & Belt
Black Glasses, Ideally Cat Eye Frames




Heels: Le Chateau
Gloves, Gun & Belt: Value Village
Turtleneck & Cat Ears: Forever 21
Leggings: Ardenes
Glasses: Emmert Eyewear
(Unfortunately these frames don’t have my prescription in them, otherwise I would be wearing them on halloween!)

For makeup, try throwing on a red lipstick, some black eyeliner and smoke out your lower lashline with a dark shadow.

Ignore the cat & rabbit fur on my shirt 🙂

For more photos and details of this makeup, check out my instagram @makeupforglasses

Thanks for reading and happy Halloween! 🙂

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