The Best Makeup Brushes For Nearsightedness

Hello 🙂

If you are into makeup (which I’m assuming you may be if you’re reading this post) then I’m sure you can relate when I say that I have a lot of makeup brushes. Over the years I have accumulated quite the collection, from Walmart brushes to more expensive, higher-end ones. Every brush that I own I use on a somewhat regular basis, however I have realized that the best brushes for my nearsightedness are smaller, travel sized brushes.

This brush set from Sigma included the first higher-end brushes that I’ve ever used. I got this set as a Christmas gift years ago, and have used them (and washed them many times!) ever since.


As my brush collection grew, I would still always incorporate these brushes into my makeup routine because they are great brushes, but they also have shorter handles. It is a very basic concept, but shorter brushes means you can get closer to your mirror without smashing your brush against it as your blending.


This is awesome when I want to do more detailed work on the eyes and want to get as close to my mirror as possible in order to see exactly what I’m doing more clearly.

This Sigma set also comes with a traveling case that you can set out on your vanity to use as a brush holder as well.



Although I do really enjoy these brushes, the concept of using travel sized or smaller brushes doesn’t only have to apply to pricey brushes. Any brand that sells travel sized brushes will do, as long as you of course like the quality and have a use for the brush.

I just wanted to share this little tip with you in case you were struggling with being able to see yourself clearly when you’re doing your makeup!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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