Kat Von D Serpentina Palette Review

Hi guys!

If you’ve been on the fence about the Kat Von D Serpentina Palette, I hope that this review will help you make your decision on whether you need to spend the $57 on it or not.

As someone who has a lot of makeup already, I don’t have a single regret over buying this palette. Kat Von D is a amazing brand with really cool, unique packaging. In addition, every shadow that I have used from her has been top notch.


The colors in this palette are a mix of stunning, jewel toned matte and shimmer shadows. There is also a green/gold loose pigment included in the palette.

Swatches from Right to Left: Bloodmilk, Medusa, Ankh, Queen, Hieroglyph, Nile, Scarab, Venom, Prophet

I think that every shadow in the palette is beautiful, and none of them have bad pigmentation. However, Some are definitely more pigmented than others (that green!), and the mattes are a little bit powdery. This is especially true with the purple shade, but it is still a very pigmented shadow, so I don’t have a issue with some powder kick up.


When you’re using this palette I recommend to always do your eyes first before you apply any foundation or concealer on your skin. Because some of the shades are a little powdery, you will probably get some fall out on your face when you’re applying these!

Here are the looks that I have done so far with this palette:

Ankh & Bloodmilk on lower lash line

Scarab on lid & Ankh on outer corner

Venom all over lid & Queen on center of lid

Medusa on inner part of lower lash line, Venom on outer corner of lower lash line

Nile on lid, Venom in crease, and Ankh on outer corner

Colourpop’s Telepathy eyeshadow with Prophet loose pigment on top (both colours are nearly identical)

My overall thoughts on this palette is that it is definitely worth the money! These colors are perfect for fall if you would like some bold colors to play with. I think the palette is unique enough that even if you have a lot of eyeshadows, you could probably find something new to enjoy 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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