Sam’s Sample Say: Stila Backstage Best Set

Hello beauties 🙂

During the checkout of my last online Sephora binge I decided to browse the 500 point perk rewards before finalizing my order. Usually I am not too into what they have to offer, but I was racking up a lot of points and wanted to see if they had anything available that piqued my interest.

I was excited to see a Stila sample set, as I don’t have too many products from the brand. I  immediately used up 500 of my points to add it to my cart.


Fast forward to now after I have used the four products in the set, and want to share my opinion on them with you 🙂

The set is a “Sephora Beauty Insider” perk, so I believe that you need to be either Sephora VIB or Beauty Insider status for this to be available to you. The set includes a 0.06 oz “Kitten” eyeshadow, a 0.2 oz. “Huge Extreme Lash Mascara”, a 0.01 oz. “Stay All Day Liquid Liner”, and a 0.05 oz “Stay All Day” liquid lipstick in Fiery.


The eyeshadow in this kit looks like a full size shadow, however a regular Stila Kitten is 0.09 oz. and retails for $23 on Sephora. Because this is a eyeshadow, the small difference in size does not matter to me. I will still take a long time to use it up!

The full size Huge Lash Extreme Mascara is 0.44 oz and sells for $30 on Sephora.

A full size of the Stay All Day Liquid Liner is 00.16 oz and is on sale right now from $29 to $19 on Sephora.

Lastly, the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is 0.10 oz and $31 on Sephora.

Here are some swatches and the mascara brush:



And some photos of me wearing all four of the products:
Glasses are from


I was so pleasantly surprised by this mascara! I had yet to try a high end mascara that I like just as much as my drugstore favorites, but this one did a great job of thickening up my lashes, making them nice and black, and giving them some length. Sometimes I feel as though I need false lashes to complete a look, but after using this I didn’t even feel the need to add any Ardell Individual lashes onto my outer corners (which is what I’ve been doing lately).


The liner was also another pleasant surprise for me. I have been using the NYC liquid liner religiously for so long because I haven’t found a felt tip that gives me a super black line like that one does. This liner not only gave me that, but it was also so easy to control and to do winged liner with. I think this is because of the pen like shape of a felt tip, but the small sample size also made it really easy to apply product onto my lid.


The liquid lip, although beautiful, is probably my least favorite product in the set. There are so many other great liquid lipsticks available that won’t set you back over $30. It’s a good lip product, but unless you see a color that you really love I would go for colourpop’s liquid lippies, or the Sephora lip creams instead.
This one is a beautiful red color, but it took a little while to dry down on my lips which made the color bleed out a little bit. I touched it up with the NYX retractable lip liner in Ruby to fix it up for these photos.


The Kitten eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful. It’s very pigmented and blends out very nicely. I love how it’s shimmery but not overly glittery, it just has a really nice glow to it. I’m wearing it both on my lid and on the inner corners of my eyes. This could also be a really beautiful face highlight.

Are the full sizes worth it?

Overall, if you see this set available to you at Sephora I definitely recommend using points to get it! In my opinion, It is one of the best 500 point perks that they have had in a long time.

If you’re looking to buy any of these full size, I would recommend going for the eyeshadow, liner and mascara. I am so impressed with all three of them, and I know that I will continue to use them.
As I had previously mentioned, I don’t think that the liquid lipstick is worth the price that they charge. $31 is very expensive for a product that other companies do just as well and for cheaper. I would suggest saving your money here and spending it on the other items in this set.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them!

Thanks for reading 🙂

DISCLAIMER: The glasses I am wearing in these photos were kindly gifted to me by

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