Colourpop & Kathleenlights “Where the Light is” and “Where the Night is” Quads Review

Hi guys!

Today’s review is going to be all about some of my favourite eyeshadows of all time. With a claim as bold as this, it makes sense that they were created by one of my favourite makeup brands and youtubers’!

Around Christmas time of last year, Kathleenlights and Colourpop collaborated on “Where the Light is” and shortly after they released “Where the Night is.” I received “Where the Light is” for Christmas and was so excited about the shadows that I instagrammed a picture of them right away:


It was after I tried these out that I realized I needed to get “Where the Night is” as well. This quad released soon after Christmas, and I did not hesitate to get it for myself as soon as it became available.


Each of these quads retails for $20 (USD) but you can buy each shadow individually for $5 (USD) if you only want to get a few of them. Personally, I am very happy that I have both quads. The colors all pair beautifully within their respected sets, but also look amazing when mixed and matched amongst one another.




Swatches by Quad:

Where the Light is-from left to right:
Glow, Kathleenlights, Cornelious, Blaze

Where the Night is-from left to right:
Midnight, Telepathy, Porter, Weenie

As you can see, these shadows are incredibly pigmented and beautiful. The best part about them is that they show up just as well on the eyes. My favourite way to apply these onto my lid is with my finger, as I find you get the most color pay off by doing so. My favourite shades of the bunch are the really metallic ones because they are stunning lid colors. The matte ones are also very good, but I would honestly buy a metallic/glittery shadow in every color of this formula if I could, they’re really that amazing and unique.

Since I have had these shadows for awhile, I’ve been able to do quite a few different looks with them:

IMG_3774Wearing Blaze on the lid

IMG_2224Wearing Weenie and Porter mixed on both lid and lower lash line.

IMG_11413Wearing Telepathy on the lid and Porter in the crease.

IMG_2210Wearing Kathleenlights on the center of the lid.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these shadows to anyone who loves a bold shadow that is extremely rich and pigmented (so basically any makeup lover). I am planning on ordering more colourpop shadows very soon. If you have tried them, what colours are your favourites? I would love to know!

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


17 thoughts on “Colourpop & Kathleenlights “Where the Light is” and “Where the Night is” Quads Review

  1. You’ve nailed makeup for glasses better than I’ve ever seen it done! I’ve worn contacts for years because I feel drab in my glasses. I’ve really been wanting to get a new pair of stylish glasses. This post encouraged me to do that and try the colourpop shadows!

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