Makeup Tips for Eyes with Differing Prescription Strengths

Hello guys!

Today’s blog post is one that I am excited to finally get out of my head and onto the internet, as it was requested on instagram months ago. It has taken me so long to do it because I had to think about how I was going to present the information that I had to give. I didn’t want to just write a blog post explaining my tips without some photos to demonstrate my points, however I needed to find a way to emulate differing strength prescription lenses when my own prescription is not. It took me a while to realize that a cheap, dollar store magnifying glass would work perfectly (it seems so obvious as I sit here writing this now!)

So if you have one lens that magnifies one of your eyes and are unsure how to wear makeup because of it, read on to learn about a few products and tips that can help to balance out your eyes behind your frames.

For demonstration purposes, this is what I would look like if one of my lenses was more magnified than the other (ignore my magnified eyebrow-this was the smallest magnifying glass I could find!)
I’m not wearing any eye makeup in these photos:

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The overall objective when you have one eye that appears bigger than the other is to balance out the bigger eye with the smaller one. We want to get both eyes to look as even as possible, and that can be done with the right type of products and knowing how to use them.


  • Ardell Individual Lashes
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
  • Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Pencil
  • NYC Liquid Liner-Extreme Black
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black (Any volumizing mascara that you like will work
  • A tinted mascara (mascara that doesn’t give any volume or length, just makes your lashes darker. I don’t have one to show but Elf Makes one called “Lash Tint Mascara” I haven’t tried it but am hoping to soon, along with other lash tinting mascaras. If you have tried a good one please let me know in a comment!)
  • Whatever lip color you want to wear (optional of course): Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lumiere & Elf Ex-tra lip gloss in Brian

To help make both of your eyes appear to be the same size, you want to use makeup to make your smaller eye look larger and your larger eye to look smaller. By focusing on each eye with this in mind, the combination of a few small techniques will help to achieve this result.

Smaller eye:

  1. Run the Rimmel Scandal Eyes liner along your waterline. Using a flesh toned or nude eye pencil there will make your eye appear larger, whereas a black liner will tend to make your eye look smaller.
  2. Use a volumizing mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. This type of mascara will make your lashes bigger, which in turn will also make your eyes look wider, more awake and larger.
  3. Use a light shimmery shadow on the inner corner. I used Venus from the naked basics palette. This will brighten up your eye and also gives the illusion of a bigger, more elongated eye.
  4. Glue on individual lashes to the outer corner of your lash line. Doing this also elongates and brings more attention to the eye. I used four from the Ardell pack.
  5. Do winged liner that isn’t too thin or too thick along your upper lash line. I know this one is hard, but try your best to make your liner an average thickness.

Larger eye:

  1. Although in theory using a black liner will make your eye smaller, wearing a black eyeliner on the waterline of one eye while the other has a nude liner will look very strange. I recommend not using any waterline liner on this eye.
  2. Use a tinted mascara on both top and bottom lashes to separate them and add some color, but no volume or length. This will make your lashes stand out a little more than if you were to wear nothing on them, but not so much that they will look strange next to your other eye which will have more voluminous lashes.
  3. Use a light matte shadow on inner corner to brighten it up slightly. I used W.O.S from the naked basics palette. A matte shade will not have as much impact as a shimmery one would in this area, therefore your eye will not appear any bigger.
  4. Apply liquid liner a little thinner than you did on your other eye. A thin wing and liner on this eye combined with a line that is not too thick or thin on the other should   make the liner on both eyes appear even when you’re wearing your glasses.

I used all of these tips (except for the tinted mascara on the larger eye) and this is what my makeup looked like:



Here is the result if I, hypothetically, had differing prescriptions in my lenses (in reality-holding up my trusty magnifying glass):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although not perfect, the makeup definitely helps balance out the eyes despite the magnification. Let me know if you would like a video of me explaining these tips aloud and demonstrating them!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Also tag me in your glasses selfies on IG! @makeupforglasses
I’d love to see them 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


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