How to Achieve Your Goals ~ Passion Planner Review

Hi guys!

I thought that today I would take a break from makeup and write a post all about my most loyal companion over the last year-my agenda. This thing has seriously been everywhere with me since I started using it early last fall.
As you can probably already tell, I really like this planner. That and the fact that it’s almost time for me to break out a fresh one (I’m still stuck on the August to August academic cycle), inspired me to share my thoughts on it here with you.


I’m the type of person that has always needed and used an agenda. Having a place to write down all of my to-do lists and appointments makes me really happy, and also eases my day to day anxiety over what I need to get done. That being said, I am very picky when it comes to what agenda I will be carrying around everyday. Normally I will buy a different one every year to keep things fresh, but this is the first year that I have bought the same brand of planner as I had used the year before, and here are the reasons why:

#1) Angelia Trinidad


Angelia is a young, driven business woman who is the creator of the Passion Planner. When I was doing research last fall looking for my next planner, I came across the Passion Planner website and read about her story. I was so inspired by the concept and how it came about. Basically, she was struggling post-grad to find her place in the world, wondering the answer to the question that so many of us struggle with: “what the heck am I going to do with my life.” In trying to figure out her own passion, she decided to create something that anyone in her position could use to discover theirs. Not only did I relate to her struggle, I admired her ability to create something amazing out of this uncertainty. Her creative vision resonated with me then and now, which is why I found myself ordering from her company again this summer.

For her full story, check out her blog here.

 #2) The Look & Layout

The outside design of this planner is all black, bounded, and has a ribbon to mark your page. They have since added the option of choosing from a few different colors, but I prefer the black. I think black is the way to go because it doesn’t scream for attention and will fit in during any setting. I have no reservations about pulling this out during a work meeting because it looks professional, unlike a lot of other planners that have really loud patterns and colors (nothing wrong with those of course, but personally I find the black to be more universally appealing :). I also appreciate that the Passion Planner logo is a subtle stamp on the front cover that, again, does not command eyes.


For the past year I have been using the large version and have loved all the room that it gave me. However, this year I decided to try out the smaller version because it will fit in more of my bags 🙂 The larger version is $29.99 (US) and the smaller one is $24.99 (US), plus shipping.

In terms of the inside layout, it is perfect for anyone who really wants the option of scheduling their time as precisely as possible. Each week is laid out for you with half hour time increments for each day. At the top of each day is a “daily focus” box for you to write in your main goal or what you most want to accomplish that day. There is also sections for a prioritized work to-do list as well as a personal to-do list, which is so helpful! The big blank space on the opposite page is also a life saver to write down reminders (or whatever else) that you want to have in your planner but do not necessarily want to include on a to do list or daily task.



A few of my favorite features is the weekly focus box, the “good things that happened” box, and the quote of the week.
I usually find that weekly goals are easier to prioritize than daily ones, and I like that you can correspond each daily focus to your over-all weekly focus. It’s so powerful to have all of it written down in one place for easy reference and as a constant reminder of what you want to achieve.
Filling out the good things that happened box is a must for me. Sometimes I will write down the smallest good things just to remind myself to be appreciative and grateful for the little things that happen. As important as having big goals are, it’s just as important to pay attention to good things that happen along the way to keep you grateful (and sane!)

The quotes in these planners are also very inspiring. There was rarely a week throughout the whole year where I wouldn’t find some way to relate to the quote of the week and incorporate it into my week somehow.



The planner also has a monthly calendar, which I very much appreciate. I know that I like to look at my time both in weekly and monthly increments, and I love how this planner has both options available.


What really separates this planner from others is the system that is behind it’s entire design. There is a few pages in the front that instruct you on how to mind map what you’re truly passionate about in life, and how you can make the life that you want attainable.


After every month there is a reflection section with some key questions for you to answer.


This system is great because it forces you to identify what you want, and guides you along the process of actually going for it.

#3) Inspiration & Organization 

Everything about this planner from the look, the design and the premise behind it inspires me to organize my life and goals. It holds me accountable, and that says a lot about an inadimite object 🙂 I like to spruce my pages up using coloured pens, sticky notes and a little bit of washi tape.



If you want to be inspired to find or start achieving whatever you’re passionate about, I recommend buying one of these planners and using it everyday. It has helped me balance my life over the last year, and I’m really excited to start fresh in one week with my new one!

Passion Planner Website
Their Instagram for planner decorating inspiration

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, I have purchased both planners with my own money. I really love this agenda and wanted to share my opinion on it with you.

Thanks for reading 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to Achieve Your Goals ~ Passion Planner Review

  1. Thank you for sharing this post! I have been recently using Pinterest and I’ve come across so many beautiful planners (which I can’t stop pinning). But this one seems so much more useful! It is so precise and it really focuses in on what you want to achieve.

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  2. I’ve been looking for a new agenda since the new year is approaching! Love this planner, it looks simple and straightfoward. By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster Award post! You can check it out on my blog. I look forward to reading your reply!

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