Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops “Sunlight” Review

Hi guys!

Even though I did a post on a entire “bronze makeup” Sephora kit last week, I couldn’t help myself this week and had to review another bronzy product. If you are into makeup and follow a lot of beauty bloggers/youtubers online than you’ve likely heard of the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Dropsย before clicking on this post. If not, I will fill you in.

Cover FX has come out with a range of liquid highlighters and bronzers that come in a bottle with a dropper.


Before this launch, they were pretty well known for their Custom Cover drops which are the same idea, only foundation that gives a lot of coverage to the skin. You could also use the product to lighten up a foundation that is too dark for you and vice versa with darker drops and a lighter foundation. I have personally never tried the cover drops, but I have only heard good things.

I have, however, tried and loved their custom enhancer drops in Sunlight. I think it was such a smart business move on their part to use the current highlighter craze in the makeup world to their advantage and come out with something similar to their most well-known product.




It also helps that these drops are one of, if not the most, pigmented product that I’ve ever used. I have heard a lot of people referring to these as “liquid metal” and after trying it out for myself I can definitely stand behind that statement.

Here is one drop swatched out on my arm:



The only negative thing that I’ve personally noticed is that you have to be quick when applying this onto your face. It dries down relatively fast and once it sets its hard to blend out. I like to just use my fingers to pat it on my cheekbones when it’s still wet enough to blend seamlessly. Letting it sit on your skin for too long will make it look streaky!

The range includes four highlights and two matte bronzer shades:

Moonlight (“a soft silver glow”), Candlelight (“illuminator shimmering golden bronze”), Celestial (“glistening pearl”), Sunlight (“a soft, golden glow”), Sunkissed (“for a light sun kissed look” and Sunset (“for a deeper sun kissed look)

I justified buying only Sunlight because I am tan now that it is summertime and thought that this would look really pretty with my current skin tone. Also, as amazing as I think this product is each shade costs $52 on Sephora, which is very expensive in my opinion. I definitely don’t think you need all of these shades, but if you think you do, by all means go for it! Personally, Sunlight is perfect for me right now and maybe in the winter I could see myself buying the lightest shade, Celestial. That way I will have this product to use no matter my skin tone, but we’ll see how the makeup buying situation is around that time.

The last few things I want to say about this product is that there are a ton of different ways to use it. Because it is a liquid, my favorite way to use this is to mix it in with my body lotion before applying the combination to my arms and legs. I only have to use a couple drops and it gives my skin a beautiful soft shimmer. I recently did this on my birthday and I think it made my skin look great ๐Ÿ™‚

Another awesome way to use this to apply it onto your eyelids as a eyeshadow. The rich metallic look that it gives makes your eyes stand out, even if you’re wearing glasses like I always am!

If you have tried these let me know what one is your favorite, and if you haven’t what one would you like to try (if any)? Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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