Makeup Tools For Farsighted Glasses Wearers

Hi guys!

I’ve had multiple questions asking for tips and advice on how to apply makeup with glasses on. The people asking me these questions are farsighted and have trouble seeing their face, and therefore their makeup application, up close in a mirror. Being nearsighted, I cannot imagine how frustrating this would be. It really motivated me to find some solutions to make applying makeup easier for anyone who is farsighted.

I also realized that if I was getting multiple questions about this same issue than it must be a common problem, which is why I am including all of my recommendations in this post. If this sounds like a problem that you struggle with, or if you are just curious as to what I came up with, than read on for some tools that can make your makeup application process less of a headache.

A good mirror is important in order to apply makeup properly no matter what the circumstances are. Personally I have a double sided tabletop mirror that has a regular mirror on one side and a magnify mirror on the other. A magnified mirror is awesome no matter what your prescription is as it really amplifies the canvas that you’re working on (aka your face). It is especially important for when you are doing your makeup with your glasses on because it amplifies your eyes behind your frames. You already have minimal space to work with so you want to make the process as easy as possible by getting a clearer and larger view of your eye area.


This is not the exact mirror that I use, but it is very similar. You can find some with a built in light (although they are more expensive) which also helps with being able to see what you’re doing even better. To check out what is available online search “magnifying mirrors” and you will find thousands to pick from from different stores.

Traditional eye brushes do not have much to offer someone who is trying to apply and blend eyeshadows while wearing their glasses. However, brushes with a entirely new concept and design have been recently introduced to the makeup world. Artis brushes are specifically designed for people to apply makeup onto themselves, as opposed to traditional brushes that were designed for makeup artists to apply product onto others.

These brushes are very expensive, but will work so much better than traditional brushes to apply eyeshadows while wearing glasses. The design is very similar to a toothbrush with their unique curve and dense bristles. These features allow you to get the eyeshadow to your lid and lower lash line without awkwardly positioning your hand or hitting your glasses with the brush.

Some awesome options from their site are:

The Oval 3 (Elite Smoke Collection) $40.00


This little brush allows you to get into both the inner and outer corners of your eyes without having to take off your glasses.

The Circle 1R (Elite Smoke Collection) $35.00


This brush can be used to both softy apply eyeshadow and to blend shadows out.

They have a few different collections available and great descriptions of how to use each brush on their website which I will link here.

Artis also has a eyeliner brush that is similar in shape to the rest of their brushes. However I would not recommend this to use while wearing glasses.

Linear 1 (Elite Mirror Collection) $35.00


Although the concept is great, the length of the head on the brush does not allow for much control and you will likely end up just stamping eyeliner onto your eye without having enough space and versatility to create a smooth and even line. I’m not saying that it would be unusable and that you couldn’t make it work, but I have a better and cheaper option.

The Sephora Collection Pro Bent Liner Brush #23 ($23.00-check it out here) has a great angled brush head that will make getting the liner on your eyes easier than a straight brush. This one will also be easier to manoeuvre compared to the Artis linear brush because it is very small and precise, allowing you to have more control with your gel and liquid liner behind your frames.


Mascara may be one of the most challenging aspects of your makeup to do while wearing glasses. In order to make it a little easier I recommend trying to find a mascara with a slanted brush that is shaped similarly to all of the brushes above. The Lancome Grandoise waterproof mascara ($35.00-link here) is a good option that won’t smudge onto your face or glasses once it has dried on your lashes. This step may take some time to complete, so be patient and manoeuvre the brush around your glasses as best as you can.


These methods and tools will take some practice to master with your glasses, but once you are comfortable with using them you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Don’t give up!

If you are struggling with being farsighted and applying your makeup, I hope that these ideas encourage you to try out these tools. Thanks for reading 🙂


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