Buxom Lip Cream White Russian Review

Hi guys!

It has been a long time since I have tried a lip plumping product. I think that the last time I had used one was when I was in middle school. I was uneducated with makeup back then, so much so that I didn’t know the difference between a lip plumper and a regular gloss. That probably explains why I thought that all lip glosses made your lips pulsate when I was thirteen. Not true!
This gloss definitely does though. And it does a great job of plumping up your lips.




The color is a really flattering, natural shade combination of pink and nude. This shade is perfect to pair with a dramatic smokey eye or for a low maintenance makeup day. Anything goes with this gloss!

I am wearing it here over the Elf Cosmetics matte lip color in Natural which is a very nude lipstick:


Pairing it with a nude is awesome to make a matte lipstick glossy, or if you want some added fullness to your neutral lips. The sensation when you apply this feels slightly prickly, but your lips really start to tingle and feel plumper as a result.

Here is the gloss by itself on my lips:


The tingling sensation did not go away after I initially applied it. Personally, I felt the tingling for the entire time that I wore it. If you do not like that sensation than you will definitely hate this (just a warning!) but if that aspect doesn’t bother you than you will probably like this gloss.

Another great way to utilize this product is to tone down really bright lipstick shades into a more muted version of the bold color. Here I am wearing the gloss over top of the Maybelline vivid bright in Hot Plum:


You can get this gloss at Sephora for $24, which is a pretty steep price for a lip gloss. There are a ton of nude glosses on the market for a lesser price tag. However, the plumping factor makes this one stand out. I cannot wait to put this on on a hot summer day. The tingling gives off such a refreshing cooling sensation which is going to feel amazing in humid weather.

Buxom has other color optionsΒ in this formula so there is some variety if you are not interested in White Russian, but personally I am really happy that I picked it up!

Have you tried any of the other colors?

Thanks for reading!



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