Sam’s Sample Say: GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment

Hi guys!

Today’s Sample Say is brought to you by a recent Sephora shopping trip in Toronto 🙂
The lovely cashier asked me if I would rather her throw some foundation samples or skincare samples into my bag, and since I am all about trying to keep my skin looking as good as possible without foundation, skincare was the easy choice.

I feel like GLAMGLOW masks have been kind of a craze ever since people in the beauty world started raving about them. When I first heard of the brand I was curious to give their masks a try but was so disappointed at the price point. A full size mask costs $79.00 on Sephora’s website, which is a lot for only 1.7 oz of product. They do give you the option of purchasing a 0.5 oz size of their masks for $24, which is much more reasonable but you will likely only be able to get a couple of uses out of it.

There are six different types of masks that GLAMGLOW offers depending on your skin care needs. Here are the six and what GLAMGLOW claims they are formulated to do:

  • SUPERMUD: For problematic skin (healing breakouts and discolouration)
  • GRAVITYMUD: For firming and tightening pores
  • THIRSTYMUD: For dry skin (provides hydration)
  • FLASHMUD: For dull skin (brightening treatment)
  • POWERMUD: For problematic skin (clearing out pores)
  • YOUTHMUD: For rough skin (exfoliates)

The sample that I received was the YOUTHMUD mask so this post is only reviewing this type. I have not tried any of the other masks listed above.

So tiny! Definitely a one-use size sample


As I applied this mask onto my face I was surprised by the texture of it. It has very small gritty particles in it that you can really feel as you’re spreading it over your face.


Using this brought me back years ago to when I used a clean and clear mask that had a very similar concept of a mask/exfoliator in one. Sadly I think that that mask was discontinued (I can’t find it anywhere anymore) but I absolutely loved it.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst In-Shower Facial 


Anyway back to YOUTHMUD: The scent is kind of floral, not my favorite but definitely not strong enough to turn me off from the product. It also went away as the mask dried on my face (or maybe I had just gotten used to the smell by then).

It dried very quickly (within about 10 minutes) and my skin started to feel tight (in a good way!) around then.

Ignore my little baby hair that decided it wanted some of that YOUTHMUD too

The instructions say to remove the mask in a circular motion to exfoliate skin. I dampened a washcloth and did just that, and oh my god now I know why everyone won’t stop talking about GLAMGLOW. I love this!

My skin felt so refreshed after I had washed this off, and it did feel smoother. I even feel like my moisturizer absorbed into my skin faster than usual after using this. I liked this so much that this morning I absentmindedly was looking for the product to use again before I remembered that it was just a sample.

Ironically I would have never chosen this mask out of the six that GLAMGLOW offers. I would have been more inclined to try the power mud or super mud if it was up to me. However I am very pleased with this one, and am glad that the choice was made for me 🙂

Is the full size worth it?

In my opinion, yes. I think that I have a soft spot for this type of product because of my love for the clean and clear mask that I can no longer buy.  But I am in no position right now to jusifty spending $79 on a face mask (especially when I have a great deep cleaning mask by Aztec. Review on that linked here). When I make my next Sephora order I will definitely be adding the 0.5 oz tub to my basket and go from there.

In the future I can definitely see myself buying the full size of this mask.
The downside is that after trying this out and loving it so much I want to give the others a shot. Please let me know what GLAMGLOW masks you have tried and which works the best for you in a comment 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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