NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Liner Review

Hi guys!

Spring and summer are great for so many reasons, one of them being bright and colourful makeup. With spring in full swing on the east coast I couldn’t wait to receive these and play with them.


The colours are not necessarily unique in a general sense, but for drugstore liquid liners in a brush format they are incredibly different. I have not seen anything similar from any other drugstore brands out there.


There are a total of nine colours in this range, however I did not get the blue one because I already have a blue liquid liner (also by NYX) that I really like.

Here are the colours that I do have listed left to right:


Vivid Halo-Pastel Yellow
Vivid Delight-Muted Orange
Vivid Fire-Light Red
Vivid Petal-Pastel Pink
Vivid Violet-Deep Purple
Vivid Blossom-Patel Lavender
Vivid Escape-Pastel Lime Green
Vivid Envy-Muted Turquoise with Green Undertone

And swatched out on my hand:


As you can see, these liners are incredibly pigmented and vibrant. This is amazing because the colour actually does show up on your eyes and doesn’t look muddy or too sheer. These are reason enough for me to feel good about spending the $10 that each of these cost.

Additionally, I waited about 5 minutes after swatching them out to see how well they set, and let me tell you these do not budge. I was rubbing my other hand across these swatches pretty vigorously with absolutely no smudging. This is great because you can put these on your eyes knowing that the colour won’t be smudged all over your eyelids within a couple hours.

The only negative thing I have to say about these is that you do have to dip your brush back into the tube a few times to do full winged liner on each eye. I used the light lavender in a recent look and had to dip my brush in about three times per eye in order to deposit enough color. This is not because I had to keep going over my line because it wasn’t pigmented enough, but because the brush just doesn’t seem to pick up a lot of color.
This makes the liner process a little more time consuming, but I would much rather have to do this than use a brush that holds to much product and ends up putting too much liner onto my eye at once.

Wearing Vivid Blossom

Overall I think these are a really cool addition to my makeup collection. If you are into bright colors this time of year (or any time of the year) then I recommend giving these a try!

Thanks for reading 🙂



8 thoughts on “NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Liner Review

  1. I’ve been looking for a red liquid eyeliner that was affordable everywhere! I cannot believe that I didn’t know about these, but now that I do, I’ve definitely gotta go get myself one (or two of three or a LOT of them).

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