Sam’s Sample Say: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intense Exfoliator

Hi guys!

Ever since I stopped using proactiv and switched over to a different skin care routine, I have been seriously lacking in the exfoliation department. When I was using the proactiv line, the cleanser contained small exfoliating beads that scrubbed my skin every time I washed my face. Looking back now, I was probably over exfoliating my skin. Yet it just occurred to me only a few weeks ago that I needed to incorporate a exfoliator into my current routine. I realized that I had somehow gone almost a month without one.

Exfoliating is very important because it removes any dead skin that is on your face, smoothing it out and clearing your pores in the process.

So as one does, I hopped onto youtube to discover the best exfoliator. The Exfolikate kept coming up in video after video so of course I had to see why everyone loves this product so much. Luckily they have two different sizes, one being 0.5 oz and $29, which is the one that I picked up.


Here it is next to the Naked 3 palette for size comparison:


Obviously this is a very tiny face product. However I much prefer the size of this as opposed to a one-use free sample. Being able to use the product multiple times really allows you to see if it works for you and your skin. The downside is of course, that this teeny size costs just as much as other brands’ full size exfoliators.


So what is so great about this exfoliator? I can say that using this is definitely a experience and not at all what I expected.
First of all, the color of this is a bright neon green. With the high price tag and sleek packaging I expected this to be a white or a cream coloured exfoliator, but not at all.


Secondly, it has a very fragrant smell that I couldn’t pinpoint the first time that I used it. After the second time it hit me that the smell of this is a equal mix of the scent of pine sap and cinnamon hearts.

The scrub has very tiny beads in it which I think is great. It doesn’t feel too scratchy against your skin, but has enough grit to it that you know its doing a good job of exfoliating your face. I’ve used many other scrubs that felt way to rough to feel like it was doing any good for my face.

After using it my skin did feel very nice and smooth. It did a great job of exfoliating my skin and bringing any dirt to the surface. This is a product that I now look forward to using 1-2 times a week πŸ™‚

Is the full size worth it?

After raving about this product, you’re probably expecting me to write “yes” all over this question. However, the full size of this product is $102.00Β for a 2 oz bottle.
A little crazy.
As nice as I think this scrub is, I don’t think that you need to go and spend over a hundred dollars on it. This isn’t a face scrub that you should use everyday, so buying the smaller 0.5 oz tube will last you for a at least a month. I think that buying this smaller size every couple of months is more practical for most people than dropping so much cash all at once on a single product.
Also I think it is a good idea to generally buy smaller sizes of products rather than spending more on a larger size before you’ve tested it out on yourself.

I hope this review was helpful πŸ™‚


Thanks for reading!




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