BH Cosmetics Pop Art Lipstick Review

Hi guys!

I recently bought three of the Pop Art Extreme color lipsticks from BH and knew that I had to do a review on them after wearing them each a few times.


The colors that I have are Zap (green), Pop (orange) and Wham (lavender).


These colors are definitely not your average everyday, wear-to-work colors but this is a big reason why I bought them. I really wanted to get my hands on some unique shades that I could do some fun makeup with. The drugstore does not seem to have many options, and I wasn’t about to spend $20 or more on a color that I knew I wouldn’t get a ton of wear out of. After looking online I came across these lipsticks and am so glad that I did!

I was skeptical about these at first because I didn’t think that they would be very pigmented (judging by the colors and price) but I was so wrong about these. They glide on SO smoothly and are incredibly pigmented. They also wear very nicely and are really comfortable and moisturizing. I’m in love.


Wearing Pop
Wearing Zap
Wearing Wham

The only negative thing I have to say about these is that you have to make sure that your lips are exfoliated and moisturized before you put them on. The colors are so vibrant that they emphasize any dryness that you may have on your lips. As long as you get rid of any dry patches before applying then they should look and feel great πŸ™‚

These cost $5.50 right now (they’re on sale as I’m posting this), and come in some unique shades:

(Photo from BH Cosmetics Website)

I totally recommend these if you’re looking for a inexpensive way to try some different lip colors!

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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