Staple Makeup Blending Brushes

Hi guys!

Today’s post is all about my most frequently used eyeshadow blending brushes. Blending is arguably the most important step in doing makeup, so having even just one trusted blending brush is essential 🙂

All of the brushes that I am going to mention are Sigma brushes that are sold individually on their site. By no means should you think that I only use Sigma brushes to do my eye makeup (and this isn’t a sponsored post, if you were wondering). I also use drugstore brand brushes like Real Techniques and Elf. However, this post is specific to blending brushes and I really like the quality and variety that Sigma has.

The very first brush that I use when I do my eye makeup is the Tapered Blending E35. I use this brush to lay down a transition shade all over my crease to create a base for all of my other eyeshadows. This is definitely one of my favorite brushes of all time. It’s so soft and does such a great job of diffusing colors. I accidentally got lash glue on it a couple weeks ago and I went into full on rescue mode to get it off before it dried.


If I want to get a super defined crease, I will then use the Small Tapered Blending E45 brush to do so. This brush has a really unique taper where the bristles are longer in the middle and shorter around the sides. This makes the brush fit snuggly into the crease to deposit color without too much harshness.


To blend out crease shades and dark outer corner shadows I like to use my second most favorite brush, the Diffused Crease E38. This is the perfect brush to blend out shadows in both the crease and the outer corner because the size of it isn’t to big or to tiny. I use this brush multiple times in every eye look that I do, and I can’t imagine doing my makeup without it.


Next to blend everything together seamlessly, I use the Tapered Blending E40. This one is bigger than the E38 which makes it great to get rid of any harsh lines between shadows, like the brow bone highlight and transition shade for example.


To take away any sharp edges around the inner corner highlight, I always use the Blending E36 after I apply my highlight. It’s so tiny that it makes it perfect to make this small area seamless.


The last step in my eyeshadow is to blend out the lower lash line. I do this with the Blending E25. After I have placed the shadows, this brush allows me to create a really well blended lower lash line with no harsh lines. This is especially important when you’re wearing glasses, as the lower lash line tends to be magnified.


These brushes can be used for many different blending purposes other than the ways that I have mentioned here. I love finding new ways to get the most out of my brushes. If you have other techniques that you like to do with these particular brushes let me know, as well as if you have other blending brush favorites 🙂

Thanks for reading!

* Close up photos of brushes taken from the Sigma website


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