DIY Blotting Sheets!

Hi guys!

As a girl who wears glasses every single day there are definitely times when they can get annoying (*ahem* rain drops, abrupt temperature changes fogging up lenses, just to name a few).

Probably the most common cause of annoyance has to do with the combination of my oily skin and my frames sitting on my nose, aka the very middle of the T-zone, aka the oiliest part of my face.

This is why blotting papers are my best friend, and a best friend shouldn’t cost you a ton of money. While brand name blotting papers will set you back anywhere from $10-$23, this method won’t cost anymore than a package of tissue paper at the dollar store (assuming that you have a pair of scissors and a ziploc baggy laying around the house).


The tissue paper is amazing at picking up all of the oil off of your skin, making your glasses stay in place on your face without sliding down your nose. Plus one pack of tissue paper will last you a lot longer than a store bought package of blotting sheets – for a fraction of the cost.

I also made a video on making these and show them in action: Click here for tutorial 🙂

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “DIY Blotting Sheets!

  1. Don’t use cheap coloured tissue paper from a dollar store though, many of them have dye that isn’t set in the paper and will bleed (which is why its so cheap). I used to make giftboxes/sets when I worked in a special shop and that was a HUGE problem as the colour doesn’t come off easily. If you’re perspiring, you risk leaving a streak of colour on your face that won’t wash off. It gets even worse in hot weather. Get white/uncoloured tissue paper.


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