CoverGirl trunaked “815 Roses” Palette vs Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette

Hi guys!

The drugstore has been on a roll lately releasing new products. One of which is this CoverGirl eyeshadow palette. I’ve never been a huge fan of CoverGirl eyeshadows in the past, but this palette caught my eye because it has very similar shades to the Urban Decay Naked 3. Judging by the “trunaked” on the front of the palette, I’m guessing CoverGirl had the UD palette in mind while they created theirs.


There was also a few other shade ranges, but I chose to buy this one because I wanted to really compare this palette with the Naked 3.

In the UD palette you get 12 shadows, while the CoverGirl palette only contains 8. The “Roses” palette sells for around $13.99 at drugstores (I bought mine at Shoppers Drug Mart) while the Naked 3 costs $64.00 at Sephora.


Now for the good stuff, swatches!

Here is the UD palette swatched:


And the CoverGirl palette:


As you can see there are some definite dupes (colorwise) in this drugstore palette:
Almond is a dupe for Strange (lightest cream colors)
Dusk is a dupe for Factory (bronze shades)
Mauvergine is a dupe for Darkside (gun metal colors)
Mousse is a dupe for Blackheart (dark shade with pink sparkle)

Honestly I’m surprised that there aren’t more dupes considering that CoverGirl knocked off UD with this palette.

Texture wise, the CoverGirl palette is surprisingly creamier than some of the UD shadows. I find that the Naked 3 shadows get creamier as you get to the darker shades, while some of the lighter one (especially Dust-ironic shade name) are more powdery and don’t give off as much pigment. In the CoverGirl palette, the lighter shades are just as creamy as the darker ones.

There is definitely more fallout with the CoverGirl palette, but thats a small drawback considering that these shades are really pretty and pigmented for a low cost.

I used this palette the other day on my eyes and found that the colors were a little hard to blend out, but no where near unusable. I will be posting photos wearing this palette on my instagram soon.

Overall I think that this palette is great for the price. I don’t think that it outright replaces the Naked 3, but it’s definitely a great option if you don’t want to spend the money on a expensive UD palette! This palette will give you a similar look while saving you over $40!

Let me know if you’ve tried the other CoverGirl palettes in this line!

Thanks for reading!


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