Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

Hi guys!

Today I’m reviewing a new lip product from the drugstore: Revlon’s ultra HD matte lip colors.


These retail for $10 at Walmart and seem to be pretty popular. When I picked mine up there were only a few colors left on the display to choose from. I ended up buying “Devotion” and “Seduction.”


The packaging of these are really nice. They feel very high quality for drugstore packaging. To apply the product, they have a doe foot applicator that is slightly curved to give you a precise application on the lips.


I really liked how these applied onto my lips, however I felt as though one coat of the product wasn’t enough and that I needed another layer over top for it to not settle into my lip lines.

Some things to note about these are that they have a very distinct scent. The smell that these give off when you first open them up is kind of a chemically fruit smell. I don’t find it unpleasant (I actually kind of like it) but I know that some people would and wanted to mention that.

Another thing is that although these say “matte,” they aren’t actually matte. When you first apply them there is a lot of shine that quickly dries down a little bit, but they never actually set to a matte finish.

In terms of the shades I have, I like both colors. Here they are swatched on the back of my hand:

From left to right: “Devotion” and “Seduction”

And on my lips (now that I have a camera with a flip out viewfinder I can take these types of pictures. Yay!) :


These start to get dry on my lips after about a hour of wear, but are fine if I wear a gloss on top. Since these are not 100% matte I don’t mind adding more shine to them because it really doesn’t alter the finish too drastically.

Overall I think these are decent lip products. Drugstore brands are definitely paying attention to what is trending in the makeup world, as every high end brand has come out with liquid lipsticks in 2015. Maybe 2016 will be the year of the drugstore liquid lipsticks? If Revlon reformulates these to actually be matte I could see it happening.

Have you tried these out for yourself? What is your opinion on them?

Thanks for reading!

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