Colourpop Blush Review

Hi guys!

Today’s review is on the colourpop super shock blush in “Rain,” which is a very purple shade. I bought this blush because I really wanted to test out colourpop’s blush formula and I have no other shade like it in my blush collection.


This blush is $8 USD on the colourpop website, along with all of their other shades. Right now that’s about $12 CAD, which is pretty comparable to drugstore prices.


I absolutely love the packaging of this product. The little tub is so satisfying to twist the cap off of, and I love that the top is clear so you can see the exact color of the blush inside.


The texture of the blush is unlike anything I’ve used before. It’s a very cushiony, plush texture that isn’t quite a cream or a powder. If you push your finger down into the product it will leave a indent, but you won’t pull your finger away covered in a ridiculous amount of product which is what would happen with a regular cream blush.


In terms of pigmentation, this product is fairly pigmented. It doesn’t come off as strong in this swatch or on the cheeks as it does in the tub,  which is nice considering that it’s a bright purple color. It sheers and blends out really nicely on the face which makes it totally wearable, yet it still has impactful color.


There seems to be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to applying this blush. It’s hard to figure out which brush to apply a product of this texture without it looking blotchy or streaky. I used my eld small stipple brush to pick it up and stipple it onto my face which seemed to work well. Here is a picture of me wearing it:



I find that this blush lasts a decent length of time on me. It doesn’t last as long as my too faced blushes (which are advertised as 12 hour blushes), but holds its own against all of the other blushes that I own.

Overall I like this product, but I won’t be rushing to order more online. I think if colourpop was a canadian site I would be able to justify ordering a few more because they would be cheaper for me to get my hands on. Because I classify this blush as being on the same level as many of my drugstore blushes, I’ll likely only be buying another if there is a  color that really catches my eye.

Do you have other colors of these blushes? What are your favourites?

Thanks for reading!


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