Sam’s Sample Say: Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

Hi guys!

I’ve been testing out a mascara sample that I received with a sephora order a little while back. I was eager to give this mascara a go because I’ve never used a high end mascara before.



Mascara is one of those products that can either work really well for one person and not at all for another. Regardless, I wanted to do this review and share my thoughts on this one.

This mascara has a very large, slightly rounded brush. I found that it applied really nicely and gave my lashes a decent amount of length and volume. The formula is very black, but also a little dryer than I normally perfer my mascaras to be. The large brush also made it difficult to evenly coat my lower lashes without smudging it on my lower lash line.


I wore this mascara both in the photos in my last post (a review of the l’Oreal brow stylist compared to the Anastasia brow whiz), and in my latest makeup look on instagram. To give you an idea of how it looks on my lashes I’ll post some of those photos here:




After the initial application on both occasions I was pleased with how it made my lashes look. However, after I wore it a few times I began to notice that it would start to flake off under my eyes. This is especially annoying for me because I wear glasses and the flakes were very noticeable there. Even worse, some of the black flecks ended up on my glasses lenses where they were too small for me to detect but very noticeable to anyone looking at me. Me realizing this fact was one of those moments when you go out feeling like your makeup is looking flawless, and then you eventually look into a public bathroom mirror and see that you have black mascara spots all over your glasses and under your eyes.

Is the full size worth it?

I checked out sephora’s website for this mascara but all I could find was a limited edition mini version for $15. It also says it’s “new” so maybe it’s been reformulated and I have the older, flakier version.

Anyhow, I am not someone who enjoys wiping away mascara flecks throughout the day/night, and I’m guessing that even if you like dryer formulas of mascara that you don’t either.

Unless this product has been reformulated I will definitely not be buying another tube of it. My L’Oreal telescopic never flakes on me (unless it’s old and I need to buy a new tube) and it cost less than the $15 mini version of the Lancome.

Do you have a full sized tube of this product? If yes, what are your thoughts? Did I just get a bad sample?

Thanks for reading!

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