12 Days of Christmas ~ A Christmas Dinner Tradition

Hi guys!

Today I want to share with you a newer tradition in my household revolving around Christmas dinner. For years my parents always cooked an elaborate “traditional” turkey dinner for our family to enjoy on Christmas day. It was always delicious but a few years ago we couldn’t help but notice how similar the meal was to the thanksgiving dinner that we just ate a couple months earlier. It was really starting to take away the novelty and excitement of the dinner.

As a solution, my brother and I decided to take on the role of planning and cooking Christmas dinner for our parents. Instead of a traditional turkey dinner, we try and do unexpected recipes to spice things up and bring back the excitement of an amazing dinner on Christmas.

It also helps that my brother is a fantastic cook. He can whip up just about anything with ease. 

My parents have told us that us doing this is now one of their favorite things about Christmas. Instead of slaving away in the kitchen all day they get to relax and enjoy the holiday. I think that it’s a pretty fair deal considering all of the effort they put in to make Santa Claus come to life this time of year when we were kids.

My brother and I really go all out for this meal, both in the food and in the details. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to have everything ready to go for Christmas day! I will also do up a couple “menus” that list all of the courses. Part of the tradition is that we keep what we’re cooking a secret from our parents. They only know what the meal is going to consist of once they sit down and take a look at their menus.

Making the menu is really easy. I use word to type up all of the courses in a fancy font, add a border, some snowflakes, print on some coloured paper and it’s all set to be added to the table. Here is a menu from last years dinner:



This year I also wanted to make a simple and inexpensive centrepiece for the dinner table. I bought a glass vase, some white beads, ribbon and fake flowers from the dollar store all for under $10:


Once I filled the vase with the beads and flowers, I wrapped the ribbon around the vase and tapped down the ends. Super easy!


I hope that this post gave you some inspiration to start a similar tradition at your house. Cooking a great meal for your parents, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend is an amazing gift to give them on Christmas!

Thanks for reading!



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