12 Days of Christmas ~ Best Sparkly Nail Polishes

Hi guys!

Christmas and New Years are the two holidays that always call for sparkly nail polish. Here are my top 5 (in no particular order) for the holiday season πŸ™‚ I’ll be sharing some pictures of these polishes on my nails, as well as a little review on both kinds.



L’Oreal Nail Color in “Sexy in Sequins #137”
$7.99 at Walmart

(Two coats)


Essie’s “On a Silver Platter”
$8.99 at Walmart

(Two coats)


L’Oreal Nail Color in “Rough Around the Edges #139”
$7.99 at Walmart

(Two coats)


Essie’s Luxe Effects in “Jazzy Jubliant”
$8.99 at Walmart

(Three coats)


L’Oreal Nail Color in “Hidden Gems #141”
$7.99 at Walmart

(Two coats)


L’Oreal Nail Colors: These polishes are really unique drugstore polishes because of the amount of glitter they have in them. All three have a really pretty iridescent sparkle both in the bottle and on the nails. These polishes last about three days on me with my Revlon topcoat, which I’m satisfied with.

Some interesting things to note about these polishes is that all three have a matte finish even after I apply a glossy topcoat. My nails even feel gritty instead of the usual smoothness I get after applying a topcoat. This is really important to know if you’re expecting a super sleek finish on your nails, because that just isn’t the case with these polishes. However, I think it’s a refreshing, edgy change that I’ve enjoyed wearing over the last couple of weeks.

Essie: Essie is my top favorite brand of polishes because I love their color selection. These glitter polishes are no exception with their unique color schemes. “Jazzy Jubilant ” is the only one out of the two that is said to be a top coat, but I like to layer both of them over other polishes to get the most opaque finish.

In the previous photo, I’m wearing Essie’s “Topless & Barefoot” Under “On a Silver Platter”


Under “Jazzy Jubilant” I’m wearing Essie’s “Go Ginza”


I find that wearing colors underneath both of these polishes also makes them last longer and switches up their look depending on which colours they’re painted over.

These Essie glitters last just as long as the L’Oreal ones do on me. “Jazzy Jubilant” is a little harder to build up (I usually do about three coats) but the finished result is worth it. They both have a smoother finish on the nails than the L’Oreal ones do, especially after applying a topcoat.

My top favorite of the bunch has to be “On a Silver Platter.” I wore it last New Years Eve and got a lot of compliments on my nails πŸ™‚


As pretty as any glitter polish is, the worst part about them is definitely removing them. It’s an arm workout trying to scrub that glitter off! To make the process a little easier, I usually soak on side of a cotton round in nail polish remover and let it sit on the nail for a few seconds before starting to rub.

Do you have a favorite sparkly nail polish that you like to wear this time of year?

Thanks for reading!

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