12 Days of Christmas (EXTRA) ~ The Perfect Gift for a Makeup & Chocolate Lover

Hi guys!

I didn’t have this post scheduled as one of my 12 days of Christmas posts, which is why I am posting it on an even day of the month. This gift idea came to me on a whim and I thought I would share it because it’s a pretty cute idea if you want to buy a present for anyone who happens to love makeup and chocolate.

These happen to be two of my favorite things in the world, so of course I knew all about Too Faced releasing their third eye shadow palette in their chocolate series today. The Chocolate Bon Bons Palette  ($59.00) looks like another awesome palette from Too Faced, and it’s definitely on my makeup wish list.


I don’t own the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette ($59.00) but it also looks beautiful. The shades “peanut butter” and “blueberry” look unlike anything I own in my makeup collection. I’ll be keeping this palette in mind as well!




The Original Chocolate Bar Palette ($59.00) is the newest edition to my eyeshadow palette collection and it has already become my favorite palette that I own. It’s so versatile with all of the different shade ranges that it offers, and every time I open it up I get instantly happy after smelling the cocoa powder in these shadows. Makeup doesn’t get any better than this.



Which is why an amazing gift would be one of these palettes along with some (edible) chocolate. You can’t go wrong with the original chocolate bar palette and their favorite chocolate bar, or maybe wrap the bon bons palette along with a box of chocolate truffles.



If you wanted to go all out for someone who doesn’t own any of these palettes, all three along with a jumbo chocolate bar would be an amazing present. I can guarantee that anyone with a sweet tooth and an appreciation for great eyeshadows will love any variation of this gift idea!


Thanks for reading 🙂



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