12 Days of Christmas ~Forever 21 Holiday Party Haul & Try on

Hi guys!

Today I’ll be showing you what I’ve recently bought online from Forever 21.

Christmas came early! (Online shopping is the best).

Whenever I shop I rarely ever buy outfits together, I usually just purchase pieces that I like and style them later. However, on this particular online shopping binge I had holiday parties on the brain and ended up styling all of these pieces together in my head as I added them to my cart. I particularly wanted to get a flowy midi skirt since I don’t have any of them in my closet, and I thought it would be a good change or me to wear something a little out of my comfort zone this party season. I ended up getting two!
I will link all of the pieces that are still available on the website in case you’re interested in any of them. Now onto the haul!


Metallic Pleated Skirts (Both grey and pink) $33.90.
Buy here.



Velveteen Mock Neck Top (Both blue and grey) $12.90.
Buy here.



Contemporary Sheeny Crop Top in Blush: $26.90
Buy here.


Contemporary Sequin Crop Top: $21.90
Buy here.


Rhinestone Petal Statement Necklace: $18.90
Buy here.

Faux Gem Statement Necklace: $12.90
No longer online.

To show what the pieces look like together I snapped some quick mirror selfies.
I didn’t want to wear anything that wasn’t from this haul, but I would wear all of these outfits with nude studded pumps since the skirts make me look a little vertically challenged without them.

Top: Size Medium |  Skirt: Size Large. This top was the only item that I wasn’t totally in love with because it fits a too loosely around the chest area. I’ll be wearing it with a different bra and/or a vest to get rid of/hide the excess fabric 🙂


Top: Size Medium


Top: Size Large






I’ve realized that buying a a few coordinating pieces allows you to get the most wear out of your clothes because you’ll have a few outfit options already in mind. Very practical and economical!
I’m really excited to wear these outfits to different christmas events this month 🙂

Do you shop like this or are you more likely to buy individual pieces when you’re shopping for clothes?

I hope this gave you some ideas for your own holiday party outfits 🙂

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas ~Forever 21 Holiday Party Haul & Try on

  1. That blue velveteen mock neck top looks stunning on you! You picked some great pieces!
    I usually buy individual pieces but I’m trying to make it a habit to buy coordinating pieces, maybe then I’ll save time staring at a wardrobe full of clothes thinking I have nothing to wear 🙂

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