12 Days of Christmas ~ Too Faced Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks Review

Hi guys!

My first 12 Days of Christmas post is a review of a holiday gift set from Too Faced. This set includes three melted lipsticks and three love flush blushes that is valued at $75, but retails for $45 on  sephora.com. I wanted to pick this up for myself because I had never tried Too Faced blushes or their melted lipsticks, and I thought this would be the most practical way to do it since just one full sized melted lipstick is $25 and a full sized love flush blush is $32.
To start, the packaging of this set is really cute and perfect for either one gift or three if you wanted to split them up into multiple presents for a few different people on your christmas buying list.




The first thing that I noticed about the products when I opened up the packaging was how small they are. Although both the lipsticks and the blushes are deluxe sized samples, I was surprised at how teeny the products were when I was holding them in my hand! To give you a size comparison here is a lipstick and a blush next to my naked basics palette:


At first I was disappointed in the size of all six of these products, but after I started swatching them out on the back of my hand I realized that it will take me a looong time to get through these blushes because of how intensely pigmented they are. You may go through the lipsticks a little bit quicker, but they’re a great size to throw into a little clutch to take on the go with you.

Let’s get into the swatches:


The nude duo includes their Melted Lipstick in “Nude” and their Love Flush blush in “Love Hangover.”


From top to bottom:
Love flush blush in “Love Hangover”
Melted lipstick in “Nude”


The pink duo includes the Melted Lipstick in “Peony” and Love Flush Blush in “Justify my Love.”


From top to bottom:
Love flush blush in “Justify My Love”
Melted Lipstick in “Peony”


The mauve duo includes the Melted Lipstick in “Fig” and Love Flush Blush in “Your Love is King.”


From top to bottom:
Love Flush Blush in “Your Love is King”
Melted Lipstick in “Fig”

Both the blushes and lipsticks are advertised by Too Faced to be long wearing. I do find that all of these products have good lasting power. If you look closely at my hand from one swatch photo to the next you can still see a faint outline of the previous swatch, even though I did my best to wipe it away with a makeup wipe. Pretty impressive!

Melted Lipsticks: 
-They feel really smooth on the lips.
-Very intensely pigmented.
-Decent lasting power (lasted about two and a half hours on me).
-The colours that were chosen for this set are perfect; not too crazy but still versatile.

-The applicator gets messy after one use.
-They have a slight chemically smell.
-Settled a little bit into my “lip wrinkles,” but was fixed with a little bit of gloss on top.
-Lacked the extra moisture I needed to wear it all day, but again a gloss on top helped.

Love Flush Bushes:
-Very pigmented.
-Super long lasting; I have worn all three of these with no problems of fading throughout the day.
-They blend out really well on the cheeks.
-All three of the shades are flattering on fair skin.

-The packaging looks a little juvenile. Whenever I pull one of them out I feel like I’m opening a polly pocket accessory (nothing against polly pockets! I had a ton of them when I was a kid).
-The surface of the blush pan is so tiny that it’s a little hard to get a even amount of product on a blush brush.

Overall I really enjoy these products and am happy with my decision to purchase them. I definitely prefer the love flush blushes to the melted lipsticks, but will still use the lipsticks up since they’re in smaller tubes anyway.
My favorite duo out of the three is definitely the mauve set. I find myself constantly reaching for the “Your Love is King” blush because it gives me the perfect winter flushed cheek color 🙂
I highly recommend this set if you have not tried these products from Too Faced before, or if you’re looking for some stocking stuffers for the makeup lovers in your life. They even have a “to and from” on the back of each box to make giving these as gifts even easier (and cuter).


I hope this review was helpful if you were on the fence about this holiday set.

Thanks for reading!


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