Halloween 2015 // DIY Snake or Mermaid Costume

I am so excited to be a snake this year for Halloween. I planned out every detail of my costume, from scale like earrings to green pumps. Once I finally assembled everything together I realized that the costume could double as a mermaid costume. To differentiate between the two when I wear it out saturday night, I am going to do very distinct snake makeup so it is very clear which of the two I am portraying.






-Long Green Skirt
-White Top
-Grey Shoes
-Green & Gold Paint
-Fishnet Stockings
-Large flat piece of wood to tape shirt down onto
-Glue Gun
-Green sequins & Jewels
-Extras: Snake Necklace, Snake Clutch & Earrings

I started by mixing a light and  dark green paint and sponging it onto the heels.
All while I watched How to Get Away with Murder because making your own Halloween costume is much more fun with a scary show in the background.


I let dry for a few hours.


(The grey underneath gives a cool speckled effect)


I then added some gold paint along the toe area and the sides.


Next I tapped the top down onto a wooden board (which happens to be my families NHL playoff board. I still need to clean the green paint off of it).


I stretched the fishnet stockings over top of the shirt, trying my best to cover the entire surface.


Isn’t is weird how cats couldn’t care less about what you’re doing until you’re working with something (namely paint) that they could make a huge mess of? I picked up Beatrice off of the table at least five times, but she kept jumping back up to see what I was doing.


Similarly to the shoes, I mixed the two green paints together and sponged them onto the shirt to create a scales pattern. Then I added a little bit of gold. I let it dry completely, flipped it over and did the same thing on the front side.


Once the top was dry on both sides, I whipped out my gluon gun and started gluing on some gems. This is where it started to look like a mermaid top. I may add some more sequins before Saturday to make it look a little less uniform.

Here are some pictures of how the main pieces all go together:







Thanks for reading 🙂

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